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"Children don't remember their best day of television but they do remember their first yoga class"

Josie - Founder of YOGADOES
Classes We Offer


YOGADOES Yogi Bears Ages 4-7

The most fun your child will have in 45 minutes!  These adventure-based classes are full of energy, capturing the imaginations of your child's developing mind. We engage the children with colourful and visual props and encourage them to bring poses to life through stories, music, games and themes. Lots of creativity ending in calm time to teach children to connect with their breath, whilst they relax on their magical meditation mat.


YOGADOES Yoga Stars Ages 8-12

Your children are growing up fast!  These classes are fun and mischievous whilst offering slightly more physical challenges. They focus on coordination and balance, encouraging the children to hold poses for longer by teaching breath work. Encouraging team and partner work, these classes nurture friendships and fun learning by doing yoga TOGETHER! Guaranteed "cool" enough for your pre-teens. 45 mins.


YOGADOES Teen Acro Yoga

Teenage life is full of challenges.  Young people want to be treated with respect, as equals. This extremely popular class is ideal for secondary schools. Acro yoga combines yoga and acrobatics, using gravity and your own body weight to enhance strengthening and stretching poses. Along with Yoga Gym, music and choreographed sequences, human mandalas incorporated into classes, with a longer, deeper meditation.  These classes are fun, engaging, inspiring and definitely "not" boring! 60 mins.

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