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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What should my child wear to yoga?

They should wear typical "yoga pants" or other exercise/loose clothes they feel comfortable in. Simple leggings or shorts and a t-shirt or vest are just fine.  YOGADOES classes are all about bare feet, so shoes and socks that are easy to slip on and off are a plus! Look out for specially designed 100% cotton YOGADOES  clothes for little ones available to buy online soon!


  • Do they need to bring their own yoga mat?

No. We will provide a yoga mat for each child to every class. They will learn to roll out and set up their mat, and roll it back in after class time. It will become their own space for fun and relaxation.


  • How does the payment work?

All classes operate on a school term time basis.  The term will usually be 10 weeks and payable in full before the beginning of each term. The cost per session is £6.00 per child. As parents ourselves, it is incredibly important that we continuously bring value to what we are delivering to your families. YOGADOES is committed to delivering new and exciting programmes each term to ensure children are constantly learning, engaging and most importantly...having fun!


  • My child is shy, is that OK?

Absolutely. It sometimes takes a few weeks for our more reserved students to get comfortable enough to participate.

That’s one of the reasons we offer classes in terms, rather than drop-in.  Younger children especially need time to get used to a space, a group of people and an instructor.

Even once they are comfortable, some more reserved little ones may be more watchers than doers in class. That doesn’t mean they are not learning and they may be more inclined to practice at home until their confidence grow.


  • My child is super active. Is kids Yoga appropriate?

Great! YOGADOES classes for children are not like grown-up's yoga.  These are energetic, fun-filled classes that incorporate lots of visual stimulation to captivate the attention of even the most active children.  We take great care to ensure we are experts in our field by inspiring children through yoga!















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